Thursday, 4 August 2016

Independence Day

I read an interesting article about hope today. It was about how much hope the new President and the Government plans have arisen in Peruvian people since his speech this past July 28th.

I hadn´t realized this but now looking back at what I saw and heard last week, it is true. Many people looked happy and full of hope - even the ones who did not vote for this President. In my case, for the first time I also felt like celebrating Independence Day and organised a karaoke to sing some of our Peruvian folk songs. 

We were just a bunch of people: I had my Mum, who in spite of her Alzheimer could remember many of the songs we sang and I also had some friends who represented different stages of my life: school friends, friends from the university and friends from work. We even started our karaoke singing the National Anthem and we all did it with pride and joy.

I believe it is important to celebrate these events, not only because they provide you with a good opportunity for fun and relax but also because we all hope next year (or the next 5 years, as in this case) will be even better than this one. 

Let´s pray for never losing our hope!

Singing and Dancing Tondero

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