Sunday, 24 July 2016

More than once I am asked why I insist on running academic events and preparation courses for teachers when I could happily enjoy my free time and my pension- which even if not huge, is sufficient for meeting my few needs. The answer is always the same, I love exchanging ideas with people and learning from them, I feel comfortable with other teachers and at this stage of my life I have nothing to prove and no need to be approved so I can happily teach and learn.

On July 28th, in Peru, we celebrate Independence Day and these days I have been thinking about what being independent is. I have come with the realization that it means being free of prejudices and pressures for being someone who you are not, being free from the obligation of meeting standards imposed by other people and having to do things because you are expected to.

I am happy not have to make statements and prove my ideas or disprove others. I am happy watching my flowers, petting my dogs, reading tons of things cuddled in te comfort of my bed and wrapped up in three blankets. I do have my duties as everybody else but nothing that I cannot cope with. I feel free, I feel independent. This is what my Dad wanted for me when he said that only a good education will give me choices. I choose to be happy, I choose to be free!!!!

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