Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year, dear friends! 2015 was a wonderful year for my family and for Customized Training Services, my company  and for me personally. I turned 60 and also moved to a new stage in my family life with more responsibilities for domestic issues.  I felt a shift within myself as I headed into my next decade of life, and I’m so looking forward to see what this coming year will bring into my life. 
It is funny to think that new beginnings need to start in January when we all know we can start a new routine at any minute of any day. However, I have read somewhere that a powerful energy happens when so many people are heading for the same goal and it is inevitable that we get swept up into the energy of change.
I am dreading the work of having to put away the holiday decorations but I have decided to do it with a sense of cleaning to start anew on a fresh track and that´s what I am going to do. I am sure, life has wonderful things waiting for me.


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