Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April 1st was the World Day of Education and I am still thinking of how this can be celebrated in any other way than providing education to all those who need it.
Authorities and governments claim that they know that Education is the way to grow as citizens and as countries but while they say this, the news show many incidents where corruption, greed and misunderstanding create situations that end up in violence, disease  and death.
It is so hard to solve so many problems at the same time!
However, if each of us, as individuals, try to  learn how to live and work in harmony, how to help each other and how to be thankful for what we have, we may find ourselves at ease and less prone to commit crimes and hurt others, I hope.
Education begins at home, with the values our parents and family pass on to us. At home we learn to trust, to help, to enjoy, to be considerate, to wait and at school we consolidate these skills and attitudes if our teachers show them by becoming role models of all this.
I believe we are all teachers, we all have children around us who look up to us and who may want to become like us. Therefore, it is good to try to be the best we can in everything we do. No matter if the outcome is not perfect, but we can rest assured that we did our best and that is what counts.
"If we knew that tonight we were going to go blind, we would take a longing, last real look at every blade of grass, every cloud formation, every speck of dust, every rainbow, raindrop- everything."

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