Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beginning and Ending

From January 20th to 31st I participated, as a tutor, in the Summer Course for Top Teachers of English, organized by Customized Training Services, the company I work for.

We tried really hard to offer teachers the chance to  exchange their experiences in areas such as Classroom Management, Teaching Pronunciation, Language for Teachers, Developing Communicative Competence and Supplementary material.

This experience was really interesting because it helped me understand the situations some of our colleagues have to experience on a daily basis along their teaching practice and how resourceful some of them are trying to overcome the problems they encounter.

Liliana, who took care of the Logistics, Emma, my peer tutor and good friend, and I have learned a lot from our colleagues and are really looking forward to meeting them again and supporting them in their pursue of their professional development.

Thanks very much our dear new friends. You can find their posts and a summary of their production at

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