Tuesday, 27 January 2015

We are reaching the end of the first month of this new year and we may still feel that there is hope for our New Year Resolutions to come true. In my case I always wish I could become a better person and then I realized that this Resolution is not focused and could be easily betrayed. Fortunately, this time while working on the many things I do at the beginning of every year, I received this text and since it explains some things about becoming a better person, I thought that sharing it with you might be a good way to start. I adapted it from The Daily Om.
“At some point in our lives, many of us find ourselves overcome with the desire to become better people  We understand that we want to be better but have no clear definition of “better.”  
Becoming a better person in your own eyes is a whole-life project, and thus you should focus your step-by-step efforts on multiple areas of your existence. Since you likely know innately which qualities you consider good, growing as an individual is simply a matter of making an effort to do good whenever possible.
Respect should be a key element of your efforts. When you acknowledge that all people are deserving of compassion, consideration, and dignity, you are naturally more apt to treat them in the manner you yourself wish to be treated.
 Going the extra mile in all you do can also facilitate evolution. Approaching your everyday duties with an upbeat attitude and positive expectations can help you make the world a brighter, more cheerful place.
Finally, coming to terms with your values and then abiding by them will enable you to introduce a new degree of integrity and dignity into your life. Becoming a better person is your choice and is a natural progression in your journey of self-awareness.”


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